SPI Consulting produces alkaline hydrogen generators: g-enstack.

g-enstack 1500

The enstack is the most important part of hydrogen generators. Thanks to the alkaline technology with anionic exchange membrane, the generator, connected to the normal network or to the renewable source, can supply hydrogen up to 20 bar using demineralized water.

The g-enstack series hydrogen generators are available in different speed production sizes with different options.
SPI Consulting can also design and build your own customized hydrogen generator of different sizes and production speeds.

lease contact us at info@spiconsulting.it for more information.

g-enstack standard:

  • 19 “standard rack
  • AC power supply, single-phase or three-phase
  • 30 liter water tank
  • Working water tank capacity 10 liter
  • Touchscreen operator panel: 4.3 “
  • Analog and digital pressure indicator
  • Purefication gas dryer
  • AISI 316 gas pipeline
  • Double-ended fittings in stainless steel AISI 316
  • AISI 316 heat exchanger

On demand:

  • Compressor up to 300 bar
  • Power supply designed by SPI Consulting to connect directly to photovoltaic panels
  • Windmill direct supply
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • External Ethernet port
  • GSM modem
  • Touchscreen operator panel 7 “
  • Automatic Water Refilling
  • Water maker
  • Maintenance program

Find the overview of the g-enstack series products here (ITA)    (ENG)