12 gennaio 2016


SPI Consulting is an engineering company that can help you to realize your product and your system. Our know how is basically founded on energy and mechanic studies and the integration of different technologies is our main feature. SPI Consulting can also be your consulting company in differents environment and it offers you differents services.

Project Management -> A project is an idea that must have a time duration, a beginning and an end, to create a product or to provide a service. First of all we talk with the customer to understand the needs and then together we build a path that will lead to the realization of the project through the achievement of objectives.
Energy audit -> Every company has to increase it own energy plant. The increasing of energy efficiency is our effort to help you to reduce costs and to grow up your business. Our CTO is Expert in Energy Management under UNI EN 11339 and he can suggest you how to get better.
Ratings lighting -> The concept of energy saving is strongly felt also in the lighting field where we have large expenditures of energy, you just think that many exercises are still using obsolete technologies that illuminate to need a lot of power, so in addition to consuming more than They should be forced to further establishment of cooling to dissipate heat.This can be done using the LED technology. Spi Consulting in partnership with DELLED, Italian company producer, is able to design and produce works of lighting. A key aspect is the dialogue with the customer to understand what are the needs and be able to follow up the implementation of the project.
Design -> As part of our field of operation it has decided to market and in some cases to design specific products of interest to our customers.
Energy plants • Plant Renewable Energy Integration
Feasibility study ->Analysis of the feasibility of several innovative technologies
LAB -> You have an idea and do not know how to achieve it? Do you want to create a prototype? Spi Lab is the solution you have your problems. Thanks to the know-how acquired through years of the development of projects and new technologies, Spi Lab is able to achieve both mechanical parts both design objects in plastic and/or carbon fiber.
Send us an email to ask and propose your idea.

Send us an email to ask and propose your idea.