10 gennaio 2016

AMES Products




AMES stack produce gaseous Hydrogen and Oxygen through electrolysis of water.

A special anion membrane divides the two gases directly on its production and permits to achieve a differential pressure between the two compartment with a compression ratio up to 20:1.

The AMES products are build with AISI316 stainless steel and special plastic components.


The main features are :

  • AISI 316 metal parts
  • Pressure resistance up to 20 bar
  • Running with direct renewable source
  • Easy to install
  • Proprietary electronic control unit for better control

Our stacks are available in three size of production as the below table shows.


Product H2 Production Rate (Nl/h) H2 Max Pressure (bar) Nominal Voltage (VDC)
AMES25 27 0-20 6
AMES50 55 0-20 12
AMES100 118 0-20 24
AMES200 245 0-20 48
AMES300 300 0-20 60

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