Our solution for hydrogen technology


The AMES Alkaline electrolytic stack series produce hydrogen gas from 50 Nl/h up to 200 Nl/h. Pressure delivery up to 20 bar.

Hydrogen Generator

The DB Series are easy to use, modular and safe. The production rate range is 25 – 1200 Nl/h and pressure up to 300 bar.


Our proprietary technology produces up to 5000 Nl/h of Hydrogen/Oxygen gas. HWS series are modular and easy to use.


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The integration of different technology is the best way to go further

SPI Consulting is an innovative manufacturing and engineering company established in March of 2011 operating in the energy sector with application of industrial. The know-how on which the Company can count , derived from experience in the field, both nationally and internationally , through various projects implemented both as a designer and as a developer of applications. The main feature of SPI Consulting is the developing of Hydrogen application from the electrolytic generator to fuel cell based system. The modus operandi developed led the company to achieve important results in terms of operational and organizational structure : • High Know - How in several engineering fields • Multi - Vision approach to the problems • Continuous updating of science • Design interior which always starts from a study of technological and economic feasibility.


    We can analyze your company and suggest to you how to grow up

  • Prototype

    We can design and produce your prototype system using our experience and brand new materials

  • DESIGN - 3D Printing

    We can design your product and print it in 3D

  • Project Management

    We can carry your idea until the end


A professional team help you to realize what you want
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Emanuele Castioni

Emanuele Castioni, co-founder of SPI Consulting S.r.l., is the account manager and director of the company.
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Alberto Valli

Eng. Alberto Valli, co-founder of SPI Consulting S.r.l. and main designer and chief R&D department.

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